Mini Collagraphs

15cm x 10cm

The word collagraph comes from the Greek word kola meaning glue and graph meaning the activity of drawing.

Using mountboard as a plate, I cut into the board and add different textured materials such as carborundum, lichen, oatmeal, acrylic medium etc., to create the plate.  The plate is then protected with shellac.

Different tonal qualities are achieved as a result of the depth of intaglio (the parts cut away) and the differentiated inking from the highly textured surface (relief).

Each original print is hand-inked with intaglio oil based ink and wiped to expose the texture. Each print is unique.

I create a maximum of 30 pieces of work from any plate.

Autumn Rising 5
Autumn Rising 6
Remains of Winter 13
Remains of Winter 11
Remains of Winter 12
Remains of Winter 10
Still, Dark and Motionless 7
Silvern 2
Let there be Light 4
Toraidhean 6
Afterglow 7
Still, Dark and Motionless 8
Afterglow 8
Walk in the Woods 12
Walk in the Woods 11
Moonrise 3
Moonrise 4
Night Forest 4
Night Forest 3
Coille 5
Coille 6
The Cottages
Goodnight 3
On the Edge 2
Winter Sundown 1
Winter Sundown 3
Goodnight 5
Goodnight 1
Goodnight 4
Dusk 3
Dusk 6
Dusk 4
Dusk 5