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Glencairn Studio



My work is heavily influenced by the natural environment of the West Coast of Scotland.

I was born and raised in Glasgow and spent most of my working life teaching in London.

Having lived in cities most of my life I have found the beauty of the Scottish landscape inspiring.  Walking in the woodlands and forests or sitting by the loch with the mountains in the background can't fail to inspire an artist.

Although originally a landscape painter over the last 10 years I have focused on Collagraph Printmaking.

A description of the process in making and printing a collagraph plate can be found below.

The word collagraph comes from the Greek word kola meaning glue and graph meaning the activity of drawing.

Using mountboard as a plate, I cut into the board and add different textured materials such as carborundum, lichen, oatmeal, acrylic medium etc., to create the plate.  The plate is then protected with shellac.

Different tonal qualities are achieved as a result of the depth of intaglio (the parts cut away) and the differentiated inking from the highly textured surface (relief).

Each original print is hand-inked with intaglio oil based ink and wiped to expose the texture. Each print is unique.

I create a maximum of 30 pieces of work from any plate.

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